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  • Your Home Review & Plan

    This is your starting point for every kind of design transformation. We’ll schedule your Home Review and provide our exclusive lifestyle questionnaire for you to complete before we meet. At our meeting, I’ll walk through each room in your home and provide fresh ideas, creative solutions, and potential that you didn’t even know you had.
    You may be focused on only one room, but design is a domino effect and changing one room will create opportunities in surrounding rooms. You want to know what’s possible, I’ll tell you.

  • Full Service Design & Transformation

    Just as it sounds, we create a comprehensive design plan encompassing one room, several rooms, or your entire home and handle every detail of the interior design transformation including providing talented workrooms, expert installers, and reliable contractors.
    Design is both art and science and we find that we work most successfully with your approval on major pieces and your go ahead to provide the smaller items on approval, to make it all come together in an inviting, personal solution that meets your lifestyle and entertaining desires. We work with you to deliver a beautiful life!

  • Style & Design Consultation

    When you want to do more yourself and invest in our expert guidance, we’re happy to make it happen. Based on our Home Review call, you’ll be able to conveniently pick and choose the room or rooms you want to prioritize and we’ll provide floor plan guidance, a color scheme, and retail online and real time sources you can use to pull your project together.

Interior Design Services Include

• Color Schemes
• Spaceplanning and Furniture Layout
• Paint and Wallcovering
• Faux Finishing and Decorative Painting
• Tile/Hardwood/Stone
• Carpet and Rugs
• Fabric Selections
• Furnishings and Upholstery
• Lamps and Lighting
• Window Treatments
• Custom Cabinetry and Built-Ins
• Artwork and Accessories
• Linens and Bedding
• Tabletop/China/Silver/Glass
• Bath Softgoods
• Remodeling & Renovation

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