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Great grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright, was a prolific writer with over a dozen autobiographical tomes and widely quoted. My mother, the late Oscar winning actress, Anne Baxter, had a best seller when she penned "Intermission" about her life in the outback of Australia with my father. (Yes, it is very weird to read about one's parents when you know the whole world got to read it too!)

I've been blogging and writing books for over a decade and contributed to three non-fiction books and written a few of my own. I focus on lifestyle, design, and daily motivation. Scroll here to see more (and you can snag "207 Designer Secrets for Savvy Homeowners" entirely free as my gift!)

Need an Expert (and Entertaining) Design Speaker?

Speaking has taken me coast to coast and internationally. It was fascinating to present "Design Trends" in China and have every word translated. Whether it's a professional association, a design trade corporation, a design or home furnishings market, or a consumer home show, there is nothing more rewarding than educating, entertaining, and empowering people to their full potential.

If you've got an event or conference where my knowledge and style may be a fit, get in touch. Oh, and you can see me in action HERE.

Celebrate Your Life!

101 Ways to Live Tuned in and Turned on Every Day

Celebrate Your Life! is packed with fun and easy ways to put the celebration back into every day. From essential steps for taking better care of yourself and your health, to creative ways you can celebrate your home, to strategic tips for celebrating your career legacy, it’s all covered inside.

Each chapter includes priceless “Lessons in Celebration” and “Memorable Moments” where Melissa dives into her rich personal history sharing anecdotes from her childhood, growing up with a movie star mom and tales from her entrepreneurial adventures and globe-trotting travels. You’ll learn how you can turn ordinary into extraordinary and find the positive in every moment.

Move It Forward:

31 Days to a More Prosperous You in Business & Life

Your prosperity is up to you! Whether you lead a life of struggle, challenge, and poverty or a life of ease, grace and abundance is a choice. Melissa has done both. Starting her business entirely upside down $70K in debt to debt free and earning 6-figures in just 18 months, she understands struggle and lack of propserity and knows what it takes to turn it all around.

When you are ready to make rapid up level your outlook, your mindset, and your belief system, this is the book for you. Each one day chapter includes a real life anecdote from Melissa’s own life or that of a client, colleague, or friend that leads directly to a lesson. Each lesson is reinforced by three super simple action steps that you can do in less than 10 minutes with only a couple of index cards.

Bite-sized actions for BIG RESULTS is Melissa’s specialty. There is also a Move-It-Forward Moment confirmation at the close of each day to keep you on path with passion and purpose.

Live Every Day Motivated Successful and Happy:

Melissa is a contributing author in this juicy compilation of wisdom and insights from 15 top trainers, speakers, and consultants to help you live the high quality life you want and deserve. From how to tune into life to setting and reaching your goals, from how to lose your excuses to building better relationships, it’s all inside in stories that will lift your mood, inspire you to action, and change your life and business forever.

Perfect companion book for entrepreneurs and business owners in need of a mindset boost and action steps to get them out of a professional rut and back on track to real success.